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More than twenty years of experience in the wine and hospitality sectors on many international markets, and alongside major players such as Alain Ducasse or Richard Caring have pushed Guillem Kerambrun to create My French Sommelier to help you offer the necessary skills to support you and your teams. to improve your beverage program but also the customer experience and increase profits in your establishments.

Guillem Kerambrun

Dynamic and passionate with a keen interest not only for customer pleasure but also for profitability, Guillem Kerambrun was previously at Berkmann Wine Cellars as Director of Fine Wines & Private Clients, one of the most renowned wine importers in the Kingdom. United but also in Brazil and India. Previously, he served for two years as Wine Director for Caprice Holdings  including The Ivy , Scott's or Sexy Fish  and in parallel for Birley Clubs , holding  Annabel's or Harry's Bar ... two of the most iconic private clubs in the UK. Prior to that, Guillem spent 13 years with legendary chef-entrepreneur Alain Ducasse as Deputy Director of Beverages. He managed, alongside Gérard Margeon , 27 restaurants, 70 sommeliers and selected more than 6,000 wines. This experience has led him to manage the opening of many restaurants and organize incredible events around the world. During this period in Paris, Guillem was also in charge of the oenological program of the Ecoles de Cuisine Ducasse. In 2016, Guillem completed his intense and rich career with Ducasse after two years in New York as Chief Executive Officer. The diversity of his impressive experience, as well as his vast network, have enabled Guillem to acquire the knowledge and openness to be recognized as one of the most influential players in the wine industry.




Wine List

Wine sourcing & creation of any sales support in line with the DNA of your establishment, your clientele & your expectations.

How to taste wine

Playful and useful wine tasting during your events or for your employees. We will give you all the tips to use the words that suit your taste.

Build your cellars

Understand your palate and your expectations, in order to find for you the best crus to age or to drink

Guest Experience

On-site training with your teams in order to provide quality service while increasing your turnover.

Strategy & Development

We support you in the creation of your project, the study of the competition, the recruitment, the marketing plan and all the other points necessary for your success.


Analyse your stock, the sourcing and your price range to find the solutions to make more profit effectively and efficiently.


Whether for the acquisition of a restaurant, a cellar, a wine estate or a distribution company... We will bring you our expertise to help you make the right decision.

Brand Ambassador

Our knowledge of the market and our network will open many doors for you when launching your brand or a new cuvée.


They talk about us

My French Sommelier  

has been created to offer skills to coach your team, improve your wine program or the guest experience in your planned establishment.

My French Sommelier will improve the impact of your wine brand on the market, with the main objective is to help you to succeed.

Put more simply if you want to share a good bottle to discuss your plans... I always have a corkscrew !


Alice Lascelles (Contributing Editor - FT How To Spend It)
Douglas Blyde (Drinks consultant and columnist - Evening Standard)
Robert Firpo-Cappiello (Editor-in-Chief - Budget Travel)
David Gadd (Special Features Editor - The Somm Journal)
Richard Siddle (Author - The Buyer)
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